For the Caught out film I have decided to make some changes to the set design following the test shoot I had completed last week.  After having edited the photographs of this shoot, I was able to see that although the yellow background was strong in colour and effective seeting wise, the infinte yellow backdrop leaves no room for depth and set feel as it has been in the other shoots. This I found was due to a continuous yellow backdroop. To add depth to the setting I feel that a floor would be the best option which would also work bvetter wiht teh other shoots. The queen shoot had a grass floor that was contrasted by a red background, the seduction shoot had a strogn shimmer background with a simple red floor and now for this I feel that a black and white floor would wokr best.

To test the floor idea, I have used the same pattern in mind and photoshopped it into the existing images to test the composition of everything. I am very happy with the look of the floor in the images and will be using one in the film shooting. The new floor should eliminate the shadow visibilty and hopefully reflect light back to top which would enhance the set lighting overall.