Having completed two photoshoots I can now begin doing some story boards. In the shoots I had initial ideas of the shots I wanted to get however with no idea of how everything would compose together, I left my mind open and shot what looked good. From these test shoots I have been able to test the frames to work from which I am now aware of. Due to the width of the backgrounds I know that It would be hard to complete full lenght shots without capturing the sides of the setup, this means that fofr full shots the model needs to be stood as close to the background as possible with some panning shots.

In all fo the films I want to capture motion, not necesserily as much in the models but in the camera view. I would like to take on a similar approach to my first SUN WHO film and maintain shots that almost recreate freezeframes but use the camera to create movement. By using the camera for movement I help to create an intimate view almost like the person is walking through and and seeing everyhting in person. To do this, I have planned many scenes to pan across or in lenght to capture the essence of the setting and model.