On Wednesday I did my first two Test shoots in the Performance studio. The shoots include the Queen and the Seduction films. On wednesday I also had my two first year assistants join me, Berlinda and Megan. I setting up of the shoots, we had to set up the background, lay out the artificial grass for the flooring and set up all of the props.

The trickiest part of the set up was doing the lighting. As I ahd been set up in the performance studio, I had to learn how to use the light board to set up the performance lighting. On tuesday morning I had been inducted into the lighting for the performance studio by Jim, he also taught me how to add and operate extra floor lighting if needed. For this task it was really helpful to have the assistance of Belinda as she was able to direct me as to which lights are being used and if they are casting shadows in certain parts of the backdrop.

Prop set up had been the most difficult part as I had to consider the placement of them, if the lights are casting shadows on them and their use. For this, both Megan and Belinda were very helpful in fixing the arrangement of props whilst I was shooting.

The day was quite full on with having to do two photoshoots, two sets of hair and makeup and props. Below I have added some images to document the shoots behind the scenes, in these you can see differetn levels I had taken for photographing the models as well as directing them in movement.