Today I have been testing the different prop layouts and how everything matches together. The video below gives a brief overview of my ideas and camera work for “The Queen” films. In this I have looked at the contrast between the grass flooring and the purple clothing itself. I have also tested the colour combinations across the clothing and props themselves. From this test I am able to pick out certain props I would like to use and ones I wouldnt as well as get a good visual idea of how this may combine together.

The other shoot I have tested was the Seduction one. In this shoot I will be using a tinsel curtain background with a yellow outfit that I have made. For this film I wanted to test the fitting of colours between the backdrop and the outfit itself. For these shoots I have also purchased a background stand, by testing the seduction shoot background I was able to get a visual idea, of what I need, how it is going to look and to check the strenght of the background stand itself.