This week we have discussed the different online platforms that we use and how we use them. Discussing many platforms reaching from bebo to Google+ allowed us all to see as a group how we have moved with the technology, what audiences we target through each social platform and how we as individuals use these. This workshop was great in as it made us consider how we want to be portrayed and what we would be happy with our employers to see.

Although there has been a slight push towards keeping personal social media platforms private or seperate I feel that this is unncecessary in my case as I post only acceptable photos and by publishing personal photos people are able to get a sense of character not just the work itself.

In this session I had shown Mark my website and as I did that, I felt the need to redesign the site as I felt it was a little cluttered and the navigation had to be considered a little further. The cover image of this post displays the new layout of the photography page which allows users to enter any of the shown projects/categories.