In the brief AD394 I have carried out a body of research, what kick-started as an investigation into anarchy with a focus on political events led me to a North Korean Defector artist Sun Mu. From carrying out research on Sun Mu, I was inspired to develop a fashion film that reflects both his artworks and his experiences of having escaped North Korea. In development of this I considered the colour scheme of his works and ways to convey certain messages through the lens of fashion film. Conceptualising the ideas across 6 scenes, I developed a 2 and a half minute long film. I feel like this film was very effective and reflects exactly what I had set out to do. Although it was my first time using the studio as a recording location, I really liked the outcome of the richness of colour and vibrancy within the film.

Going from there I have looked into visualising my dissertation for part 2 of the brief. In this I look at a variety of films and fashion films in understanding of narrative, visuals, concept and storylines. Having looked at Lady Blue Shanghai and Immagine #79 as contrasting films, the dissertation analyses the balance of commerce and art embedded within the films. In the analysis I came to realise that the idea of colour blue has become a key element for Dior which is played upon as a marketing tool and a referencing point. The pattern of using colour as a key element is apparent in a variety of films I have looked at. These include Blue velvet and its key element of blue, in Opulence, violence, Loss we see how each scene becomes coloured in accordance to the emotions that it reflects and Sin city with its use of red and yellow which highlight certain emotions and key elements in the film.

Keeping in track with my SUN WHO film, I would like to use the idea of colour as an element that enhances certain emotions. From this I also look at Act Da Fool by Harmony Korine and his use of narrative, the idea of streaming consciousness and voicing of emotions and feelings. This makes me quite interested into the idea of script and its portrayal of emotion and passion within the person in focus.

For my Final major project I intend to develop a body of research into the relationship of colour and emotion. By carrying out research into psychology of colour and their meanings, I will be able to produce films that convey strong messages which are enhanced by coloured visuals. In productions by the likes of David Lynch and Quentin Tarantino, we witness the effectiveness of their clever use of colour within the films which enhance the visuals drastically. I too would like to achieve this effect within my films but with a personal approach to conveyance of colour whether it is through location setting, styling or film props.

In consideration for the narrative and sound, I enjoyed working with a musical track for the development of SUN WHO, however I feel that a film as such lacks aesthetic and deeper meaning with a musical piece as its sound. For my final major project I intend to investigate the idea of sound and narrative so that an effective voiceover or narrative can accompany the visuals I have developed. In research of this, I plan to look at various film scripts and key narratives in them. I will be looking at poetry to enhance my understanding of wording emotions for a way to help me convey certain feelings, experiences or idealisations. By looking at the likes of existing poetry and written materials, I can starts to develop my own scripts to add a personal touch to what I am trying to convey. In regards to sound, I also plan to catch snippets of conversations, perhaps carry out interviews and gather a collective of recordings that capture conversations and people’s stream of consciousness.

By investigating a diversity of feelings and opinions, I want to look into people and what it is that they are passionate about. Considering that each and every one of us is different, it would be amazing to capture a variety of thoughts to understand people’s passions, angers and thoughts. Having looked at Human Postcards, I really like the idea of short videos that focus on a certain aspect within a person’s life and their personal narrative and description of their position. I intend to take this concept and work towards fashion films which can achieve an effect as such in a short duration of time.

For my final major project I intend to develop a series of short films, each focusing on a certain person and their stream of consciousness or perhaps a scripted narrative much like the Act Da Fool whilst applying a fashion aspect within it. I want to convey a deep meaningful message within the films which may come out to be quite eerie, sad or passionate but then contrasted through beautiful moving image. I intend to use colour as a key element that will help to enhance the emotion of each film therefore possibly ending up with a selection of films each at a different colour and meaning.

To achieve my intended aims, I need to carry out a strong body of primary and secondary research looking at aspects of psychology, other people’s approach to emotion conveyances and narrative. To achieve the perfect productions I must carry out a range of experimental projects and developments of detailed storyboards to gain the exact material I need to develop the intended films. Throughout my final project I intend to document my process and journey through a variety of platforms such as recordings, photographs and reflective posts.


5th December FMP Briefing


Christmas Holidays

15th December – 8th January


v   Use this time to start research and to look at books to take out & Exhibitions to view


January 9th Formative Crits v  Present current work and give feedback during crit


January 10th -23rd v  Deep research into narrative & Psychology of colour & Poems


January 24th– 30th


v  Start planning films and narratives & start recording steams of consciousness


January 31st-6th February v  Continue with recordings and gathering narrative ideas and poems


February 6th  Informal Crits/presentations


v  Present work at crit


February 7th – 27th February v  Developed one or two full films


February  27th – March 13th

Formative Presentations


v  Continue with film developments until Crit: Present current work and Films, take feedback given during crit


Last Crit – 22nd March v  Continue with film developments aim to have 4 films done by now


March 23 -April 15 Easter v  Use Easter time to continue with work production & create another one or two films


April 15th –April 17th v  Gather all work read to present at Crit, Start to finalise all productions and consider exhibition requirements, layouts and setup


April 17 Crits Requirement requests for GS


v  Attend Crit,  consider Graduate show requirements  and plan work exhibition


April 18th – April 24th v  Keep Finalising all work, set out plans for work exhibiting


April 24th  Forms in for Brighton Graduate show


v  Fill out and return forms for GFS


May 7th  Nominees go forward for GFW v  Entirely Finalise all work, gather everything needed for exhibiting, up-to-date blogs, sketchbooks and finalised films


May 14th  Paint and prep room for Brighton Show v  Start constructing exhibition space: Work up at the end of the week