I have researched into a project called Human Postcards, in this I have looked at the idea of short 60 second videos that capture inspiring and meaningful messages that focus on a certain area of a persons life. Each of the videos looks at one specific area about the person in question, in only 60 seconds they convey a lot of meaning and a strong message.

I really like the concept of the project and I have used this idea to fuel possible ideas for my final major project. I am considering to produce a series of short fashion films that are narrative and focus on a certain area that the person in focus is passionate about. Therefore I have looked at Human postcards to see the way the videos convey messages within a short timescale and what kind of visuals are being used.  in this I have specifically looked at Alec- “trees have a mind of their own”, Wolfgang- “its all about time” and Beverly- “losing track of time” as examples.