In this scene I look at a painting and installation done by Sun mu, in this he features a red and a white rose in a vase of red liquid, this piece I found very beautiful and interesting. In order to recreate this piece, I decided to use props such as the red ad white roses, a vase and red juice. This allowed me to recreate the installation that Sun Mu had featured in his exhibition in Beijing, by doing this I was bale to fully recreate an artwork but put it into my own context with a fashion outlook to it. The original piece is a stand alone work however I have used this as a prop in the scene. The scene looks at how the beautiful setup is there, and the model embraces the flowers that are there but then goes on to destroy them by tearing away the petals from the rose and stomping on them.  This is in reflection to how his exhibition was shut down by the North Korean government in the first day of its opening, it shows the lack of respect accredited to the artist. After destroying the flowers the model goes on to drink out of the bowl in order to really show the disrespect and the rebellion towards the piece of art and what it reflects.

Look4: Turning ideologies into pieces of flower


As an installation piece/ painting I had the freedom to style this look in a way that I wished. In the reflection the beauty of the roses I decided to style this scene with a velveteen navy dress creating an elegant look. The look for this scene has been very important as great representation reflects the idea of how well the North Korean Government is perceived by its residents but in contrast to that the government does not reflect is through its actions. In this scene I have used a strong red makeup look around the eyes with a light pink lip shade in order to add more red into the scene’s colour scheme. Having considered the colour scheme of the film, I had to implement red as a repetitive colour however with so much red within the props I had to look for a dress of another colour that fits within the colour scheme thus I decided to go for Navy as it had been seen in other scenes where the navy trousers and skirts had been used. Below I have attached the image of the installation done by Sun Mu in order to reflect the references made.