This is a scene I had decided to do based on a painting done by Sun Mu, the painting featured a row of school girls singing for their lives. The painting shows school girls lined up and stood almost in a soldier kind of way. I was really intrigued by this painting as it had a different take on the school girl styling, it also showed the passion of the girls to show their talents. In the documentary Sun Mu spoke of how the army respect creatives, they use all artists that can draw, paint and sing. These qualities are then used to produce new paintings and posters of the leaders that would be shown to the public. A way to contribute to the idea of brainwashing. He spoke of how when you’re in that space, all you know is what you have seen and been told and then your biggest ambition becomes to impress the leader, the person everyone loves and wants to prove themselves to.

Look3: One Look, One Sound

In this scene I tried to recreate the look of the singing school girls, for this look I needed some navy trousers, a white blouse but I decided to style it with a white turtleneck jumper instead with the addition of the classic red scarf and flower. The outfit was completed with some simple white shoes in order to create the exact outfit featured in the painting. Below I have added the painting that I used as inspiration for this scene and look.