Having watched the documentary, Sun Mu spoke about his experiences after leaving North Korea. In this he told of a diary he kept that captured all of his emotions at the time, a diary entry he wrote said:

Today is July 1st.

Under the street lamps, The signs of restaurants are lit along the street.

The light is coming into my empty room, Where I am sitting at the window, Smoking.

Hey you, What are you thinking about? Are you missing a hometown you left behind? Or are you dreaming about the new land you will soon enter?

The cigarette is burned out, and i’m only left with ashes. I flick my ash and stare out the window, Silently.

Well, I have no-one to talk to anyway.

I found this diary entry very touching as it reflects the emotional obstacles Sun Mu had to face upon his leaving of North Korea. As someone that didn’t know anything outside the locked in nation, to enter a  new world and new cultures is very difficult. Witnessing things that he had never seen or experienced before, his emotions ran wild and he used that to fuel his passion for art. In the documentary he spoke of how one night he got drunk and just out of nowhere he wrote the word Heaven on the wall. This reflects his emotional state and sense of relief having escaped North Korea. I found this to be a very touching experience and I wanted to reflect this within the film.

Look6: I wrote ‘Heaven’ on the wall



This was another scene where I had the opportunity to style it as I wished without having to create any visual references. For this scene I chose to feature some strong red culottes with a light pink top. The contrasting colours work well with the consistent pink and red theme featured in the film. The previous use of trousers allowed me to keep a uniform look throughout the film however the style and colour of the culottes totally differ from the other trousers featured. As a finale scene I decided to keep a carpet of rose petals laid out to create a more powerful effect. The scene is set to represent a beautiful setting, a bed of roses and beauty in reflection to the idea of heaven. I decided to use a strong red paint for the writing on the wall as it stands out in contrast to the pink background. Below I have inserted a  screenshot of the writing done by Sun Mu in reflection to the imprecise style of painting.