For this scene I looked at an installation done by Sun Mu, the installation featured a large chopping board, a small fish and a variety of sized knives rammed into the chopping board. In this piece of artwork Sun Mu wanted to reflect the power of big nations in contrast to smaller ones. From the documentary I have taken his quote explaining this idea:

“On a huge chopping board, there is a little fsh.It’s a boring fish. And big knives are pointing their blades at the little fish. Who knows how that little fish will get sliced up. I want to talk about how powerful nations will carve a bigger chunk with a bigger knife and the smaller nations get smaller chunks.”

I found this a very powerful piece because North Korea is a powerful nation in itself, with it support from the residents and large supply of nuclear weapons, it reflects exactly how politics and power affect everyone. In this scene I wanted use the model as a reflection to a nation and how it measures its share of the fish, takes the part they feel they are deserving of and  what is left for the others. although a strange scene to recreate with a fashionable take on it, I felt that this is a very important scene to do as it reflects the artists take on politics and governing from a viewpoint of an individual who has no say in any of it. In order to recreate the meaning behind this work, I have used a selection props such as fresh fish, a wooden chopping board and a variety of knives.

Look5: Big Nations, Little Fish


As another installation piece I had the freedom to style this scene myself without having to create any fashionable references. For this scene I decided to go for  a pink fluffy gown in order to reflect the cosy and comfortable position of the people above such as the governments who make the big decisions. The pink fluffy gown works very well with the colour scheme of the whole film thus I found it to be an appropriate look. For this scene I decided to buy a sea bass as the colouring of it was a great match in terms of the outfit, the pink belly matches the colours of the backdrop and the gown but the contracting silver skin is much like the sharp chrome blades of the knife. For this look I kept the strong red eye makeup to add a touch of red within the whole look. Below I have insterd an image of the sketch done by Sun Mu visualising the setup of the fish and knives installation.