In this scene I had reflected on the personal experiences of Sun mu, in the documentary, the artist spoke of difficulties he faces having now left North Korea. For this particular scene I looked at how Sun Mu spoke about his family, now having a family and daughters he spoke of how they wish to contact their grandmother who is still in North Korea but are unable to do so because of border control and their dad’s escape. Sun Mu spoke of how his daughters want to send a letter to their grandmother but he said that it was a letter that cannot be sent.

In order to reflect this experience I decided to do a scene that focused on a girl writing out a letter but then has to be destroyed because it cannot actually be sent. In the documentary he told a story of how as a youth he did a portrait of the Kim Un Jung which was forbidden so his only answer that was to burn the painting as soon as it was done without letting anyone ever know that it had been done. So in reflection to this, I wanted to capture a scene of the person in focus destroying this letter after having had the chance to write their feelings and to say what it is they wish to say.

Look2: A letter that Cannot be sent


In consideration of the styling for this scene, I had the opportunity to be creative and style it any way I wished as I was not recreating a painting but an experience. For this scene I decided to set for a simple red top and navy trousers, This allowed for a simple outfit that fitted the colour scheme of the film. As a scene with other props such as the plant and letters, I felt it was best to keep the outfit simple so it does not take away too much attention from the actions taken in the footage. The look featured a simple makeup look of a bright pink eyeliner and a nude lip.