Evaluation Of Finished Website

Overall my experience on working with a client to create a website has been successful, I think that I have created an effective website that displays all of Lauren’s products clearly with a easy navigation around her website. Most importantly my client is happy with her website and the outcome of how it looks. I had good communication with my client and we both understood what each other wanted from every aspect we presented to each other. My website is fully responsive with a working collapsed navigation bar, meaning that Lauren’s users can access her website from any device. I have stuck to Lauren’s theme of pretty with the chosen colors of pink and lilac, also I have used fonts and a logo that represents a formal look.
As it was my first time using Bootstrap I have also learnt another way in which making a website, I found using Bootstrap easy to use as all coding is just on one page, not only this when building the website I could make it responsive easily.

Below is my validated website, unfortunately I was unable to understand the error of iframe, which contained a google map of where Lauren is based. I got the coding from google which is reference in a post. Otherwise my website has no errors and all the task run smoothly.

(click on image to enlarge)

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