Target Audience

Before starting the draft prototype of Lauren’s website I thought it would be important to understand who her audience where so that the design suited the users. When researching who would ideally be Lauren’s main target audience I discovered that she would have quite broad users viewing her site and using her service. Typically users of an older age, 25-50, would be viewing her site as they would be using a catering service for special occasions or their business. An audience of a younger age such as 10-18 would be unlikely to visit a website to make such a purchase as they wouldn’t necessarily need to use this type of service . Emphasising on the idea of a broad audience, gender wouldn’t be limited to just female or male as Lauren’s products are something that can be aimed at both.

In terms of the design suiting Lauren’s audience I would need to take into consideration that her website will be used by businesses needing catering and so I would be focusingĀ on a formal, as mentioned in her email, so that her website is inviting for businesses wanting to use Lauren’s service. Lastly as Lauren’s audience is wide ranging within ages and gender I would make sure that colours and fonts suit all users.

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