Information for Companies wishing to place a student

The Business School at Brighton University is always looking for additional placement opportunities for its students. So, please contact us if you are considering offering a placement role.

Please find a link to a document outlining what would be required of you, as a company, during the placement year and what you can expect of the year. Access the link here: Information for Companies wishing to place a student

To whet your appetite for the scheme, here are some of the advantages that your company could gain by taking on an industrial placement student.

  • The student can bring specific skills and knowledge to your business
  • The student can bring freshness and enthusiasm to your business
  • The placement student can offer you a flexible solution to cover maternity leave or to fulfil a particular project
  • Low cost of recruitment
  • The possibility to try out a future permanent employee
  • The opportunity for your staff to gain experience in supervising or mentoring a student
  • The opportunity to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between the University of Brighton and your company

If you have any queries or questions, please contact me via this blog, or email The Placements Team at

We hope to hear from you!

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