About me

So, about me.

I am originally from Leamington Spa and was the singer in a band in my teens. The band was called ‘Ample Parking’. We did a couple of gigs which you probably didn’t catch (given that you weren’t born). The joke we had was to go into Woolworths of a Saturday afternoon and ask for ‘Ample Parking Live’. (That’s the sort of thing you did as a teenager in a Midlands town).

Though I was particularly untalented, three of the members went on to be in The Shapes. They got some Radio 1 airplay in the 70’s.

The Shapes

The Shapes – ‘I saw Batman down the Launderette’

A few years later, I went to Lancaster University and studied Medieval History which I loved. I hope that you enjoy your student years as much as I did.

Feel free to contact me via this blog or any of the methods below!

Me in Coventry

Me at a PlaceNet conference in Coventry. Don’t ask! I think I was overcome with excitement at being in the home city of the mighty Sky Blues!



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