How to answer the common Interview Question: ‘Why do you want to do this job’?

Following on from my recent workshop ‘Interview Questions: How to answer them & How to ask them’, this post gives hints as to how to answer the common interview question: ‘Why do you want to do this job’?

Your answer should probably answer one or more of the following different questions.

If, for example, you are applying for a Marketing role, answer the following:

  • Why you would like to work in Marketing in general and / or
  • Why you want to become involved in Marketing at this particular company and / or
  • That you want to carry out the duties of this particular job

So, you might talk about:

  • Your general interest in Marketing – for example, how you enjoy the process of engaging the public with products
  • Particular marketing campaigns run by a company – give a specific example
  • Your wish to assist with social media / website activities, for example

I hope this helps!

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