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I have just received an update from Zain, one of our students working in Marketing, PR and Business Development for The House of Hud. She is really enjoying herself and the vacancy to replace her is still available. All details are on JobTeaser:

The House of Hud has just won an award at The Wedding Industry Awards 2018 – Regional Winner – Venue Stylist – South East. Congratulations to them! The picture features Zain (far right), Katherine Hudson (next to her) and our other placement student there – Charlotte.

‘I am an international student from Jordan, and when I first started my course in Business Management with Marketing at the University of Brighton, I wanted to take every opportunity such education could offer. So I was eager to take a placement year, to get a glimpse of work life and test the waters of the field of my future career.

I am currently a Marketing Executive at House of Hud, which is a local company located just 40 minutes away from Brighton. There, and because it is a small-scale business, I speak my mind knowing that my voice is heard, and I feel appreciated for being a student with a fresh mentality.

Work-life significantly differs from student-life, and in a very good way; it has shaped my lifestyle into a healthy and active one. Having a job has inspired me to better manage my time, hence allowing me to think of interests, hobbies, and activities with which I want to fill up my free time.

Moreover, placement year has reminded me of my capacity to learn; I overcame anxieties about not having enough knowledge, and soon realized that I can learn along the way and pick up new skills. It’s also nice to be exposed to different tasks; one day I find myself handling web-design, another day I’m helping crew members set up for a photoshoot, or I’m attending an awards ceremony.

My journey so far has been eye-opening; in addition to communicating with other people from the industry, I’ve also explored more sides to the world of marketing and management. Work-environment at House of Hud especially promotes creativity and flexibility; it’s driven me to hunt for inspiration, whether I was working at the office, from a coffee shop in town, or from the comfort of my home.

All in all, placement year is a great example of the continuous nature of learning; it has allowed me to apply the lessons I’ve learn at university to real life situations, and now I look forward to applying lessons learnt from work to the coursework I’ll be doing in my final year’.

Don’t forget: their vacancies are still available!

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