‘So, why do you want to work for us?’

‘So, why do you want to work for us?’ is a very common question at interview. You should also discuss this in a cover letter.

Your answer could cover some of the following:

  • The company’s reputation: ‘I would like to work for a market-leading accountancy company’.
  • The quality of its products or services: ‘I am aware of your new exciting product ranges, such as….’
  • The training it provides for its staff: ‘Your company takes on industrial placement students each year and you receive tremendous feedback for your training on Rate my Placement from those students’.
  • The Ethics and the culture at the company

You may have heard yesterday on the BBC about The Tree Conference which took place in Frome, Somerset: http://thetreeconference.com/ 

Experts there highlighted the vital role trees and reforestation can play in limiting climate change – in response to the new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report urging for global warming to be kept within 1.5C.

This brought to mind the work that The Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation is doing – funding the planting of 50 million trees throughout the US, Canada, France, Germany, Spain and the UK: https://www.enterpriseholdings.com/en/corporate-social-responsibility/philanthropic-initiatives/enterprise-rent-a-car-50-million-tree-pledge.html

Each project is individually selected to prioritize immediate reforestation needs and to help restore ecosystems after wildfires or other natural disaster strike. The Enterprise 50 Million Tree Pledge will have planted 13 million trees by the end of 2018 – and 50 million trees by 2056.

2018 is the 11th year Enterprise has planted trees in the UK. More than 850,000 trees have been planted to date in the UK.

One way in which we can change the future of our planet is by making companies aware that we want their products to be ethically produced and packaged, and that we want to work for companies that behave ethically.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts!

You can find out more about Enterprise’s Trainee Manager role, take a look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oH0EmVIDvO4

If you are interested, just email your CV to me at l.rush@brighton.ac.uk     

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