I have chosen to study and analyse Cottweiler for this project for a variety of reasons. Until I saw Cottweilers pieces in Machine A in Soho, I had no knowledge of the brands existence. The fabrics and the cuts of the garments surprised me as I hadn’t seen such luxurious sportswear before. From this I began to research the brand and found how the designers graduated from UWE and became successful through bringing elements of tailoring and luxury fabrics into sportswear. Through watching numerous interviews with the designers and discussions of the brand on YouTube, I started to have a real interest in the designer’s and brand’s ethos. The designers mention in numerous interviews how they want to keep Cottweiler “real” and how they “enjoy making the mundane look beautiful.” Dazed and Confused state how: “Cottweiler is London menswear’s most underrated label.”

Cottweiler is still a fairly new brand; only having a commercial break through in 2012. Therefore, I wanted to understand how it’s gaining followers and reaching an audience. Additionally, Cottweiler being a new brand means that I can explore meanings of development in terms of marketing and creating a sub-brand as the brand hasn’t explored a lot due to its short amount of time in the industry.

Furthermore, looking at Cottweiler as a sportwear brand is interesting as sportswear is making a come-back; sales of sportswear, which includes items such as yoga pants and activewear, outpaced all other categories for the third year in a row, increasing just under 7% in 2016 and “causing growth in other categories to look rather tame in comparison,” Euromonitor noted.” “While performance sportswear is still the biggest part of that market, “sports-inspired is the category driving growth,” said Bernadette Kissane, Euromonitor’s apparel and footwear analyst. Indeed, activewear has become a huge part of everyday fashion over the past few years, and eaten into sales of regular clothes.”

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Styling Workshop

Georgia and I decided to use the styling workshop as an opportunity to portray a particular brand and incorporate styling aligned to the brand through creating a ‘lookbook’. We decided to look at Urban Outfitters as it offers a clear and recognisable identity through its clothing. Having selected the brand, we decided on three key looks to illustrate the UO style. Before we began, I visited a local Urban Outfitters store to analyse both their visual merchandising and its stock to ensure that our looks were in keeping with the brand.



The Lookbook can be found below: