Photography to convey proposed SS19 trends of PRIVACY AND SURVEILLANCE

monochromatic co-ordination creates a form of camouflage which can be linked to privacy as it allows people to blend into their environment and not be distinctly visible. The use of silver and black tape can be linked to surveillance as it has a link to the equipment used in that field. Furthermore, the use of the speaker is ironic as surveillance cameras do not pick up on sound; like the image itself, surveillance film is silent.


Styling Workshop

Georgia and I decided to use the styling workshop as an opportunity to portray a particular brand and incorporate styling aligned to the brand through creating a ‘lookbook’. We decided to look at Urban Outfitters as it offers a clear and recognisable identity through its clothing. Having selected the brand, we decided on three key looks to illustrate the UO style. Before we began, I visited a local Urban Outfitters store to analyse both their visual merchandising and its stock to ensure that our looks were in keeping with the brand.



The Lookbook can be found below: