ANALYSIS OF Reid Allen – Lords of Butetown Zine

“For the past year or so, Reid Allen’s been spotted shooting photos with his little 35mm at just about every skate session. Documenting some of the mad crazy stunts that have gone down, but more interestingly, the stuff that people get up to when not skating. A small window into the Cardiff skate scene. This has culminated in his first published zine, Lords of Butetown. Which takes its name from a run of tees and hoods we made a while back. Which in turn takes it’s name from that movie about something. The zine is printed on really nice, not so high-gloss, glossy paper by Project Upcoming. And features 36 pages of all your favourites, presented in a manor way better than Instagram.”

How it’s inspired me

  • “Realness” of images
  • Use of film – 35mm
  • Range of B&W and colour images
  • Youth Culture – Escaping reality


Preparation to create a Zine




noun: ‘zine; plural noun: ‘zines; noun: zine; plural noun: zines

a magazine, especially a fanzine.

Examples of a Zine by Chloe Sheppard 


Development of Concept


I will explore the various mechanisms of escapism and their prominence in youth culture.



the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.

Development of Title/Masthead

Ideas: Departure, Depart, D-part

Development of Strapline 

Ideas: “Escape it all”, “It’s nice to escape into a completely different world”, “there’s nothing wrong with loud music”, “lose yourself”, “salad days”

Experimentation with fonts 


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