Concept 1

Female Beauty Ideals

Question: “Why is long head hair seen as beautiful, but body hair seen as ‘revolting’?”

Breanne Fahs, a professor of women and gender studies at Arizona State University, conducted two experiments. In one, she measured women’s responses to the thought of body hair, asking 20 women how they felt about shaving, not shaving, and about other women’s relative hairiness. Overall the idea of body hair was seen as ‘revolting’.

“I think women who don’t shave are a little gross,” “Because sometimes, like if people don’t shave their entire lives, that’s just a little to much to handle for me. I always shave. I don’t like hair. I shave everything.”

Question: “Why do the majority of women feel strain to shave whilst the majority of men do not?”

My first thought would be that commercials like to reinforce the idea that women should be clean shaven. Additionally, men and women alike tend to observe that hairlessness for the ladies is the normal sign of beauty.




Beyond The Bias – Reshaping Image


Working with communities in both Mumbai and Brighton, Olivia Arthur and Bharat Sikka have collaborated to produce a new documentary project. The work they have researched and developed together revolves to a large extent around individuals who identify themselves as being part of the LGBTQ+ community and importantly, a community that represents contemporary diversity in relation to sexuality and gender. They explore private and public presentation of self-image in relation to the body, gender, sexuality and fantasy.

What I have been inspired by:

  • Raw // natural posed photography
  • The aspect of ‘real people’
  • No use of gender norms // male and female characteristics are blurred
  • Mystery // intrigue
  • Non-sexual nudity
  • Body hair // liberation







AD136 // The Object Brief

Hair Extensions

The purpose of this brief is for you to see something in new and different ways, and to begin communicating the essence of a fashion object. Looking at clothing and accessories both on and off the body. Exploring the object itself.

Task 1 – The Object on the body

  • Street Shots
  • Trends
  • How are people wearing / wearing the object?
  • Questionnaire
  • Brief History

Task 2 – Deconstruct your object – the object off the body

  • Break it down into forms and shapes
  • Manipulate
  • Drawing, collage, photograph

Task 3 – Outcome – Rethinking the object

  • Create a short feature (part of a magazine)
  • 4-8 images with text
  • 500 word evaluation





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