Interview with Owner of Maddy’s Extensions

Who mostly buys wigs and hair extensions?

-“Everybody, particularly young girls who want to give length and volume to their hair. It’s not like before where it was just for a certain hair community.”

Is it mainly for beauty reasons?
-“Yes I would say so. The drag queens wear the lace track caps – they create a more natural look.”

Are the extensions and wigs made from real hair?
-“No, they’re synthetic fibres – but some of them are heat resistant so you can style them like normal hair.”

What’s the most popular item sold?
-“Pre- clip and lace tracks, with lace tracks you cut the lace at the front then use foundation to cover to create a really natural look. Also, the ponytails are the quickest ones to use.”

Do you have an opinion on hair extensions? Do you wear them yourself?

-“No, I’ve never worn make up or hair extensions.”

It’s interesting how you have a shop surrounding hair and beauty when you don’t use the products yourself.

-“I’ve been in the filed for 12 years, I do it to see the happiness on peoples faces when they receive their perfect look. When customers come back into the shop with smiles on their faces I know I have achieved my job.”

How does the price vary between the hair-pieces?
-“To be frank I do not want to talk about the prices.”

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Studio Shoot

Challenging Traditional Standards Of Beauty By Shooting Female With Body Hair

“Some may call it gross, others call it liberating.”

Being a very visual person I decided to illustrate my concept of beauty ideals through doing a studio flash shoot. I have creating a contrast between common ‘fashionable’ female blonde beauty and the raw unconventional look of female body hair using my object – hair extensions. These final images convey the rebellion of women who do comply with traditional standards of beauty. Women with full-grown armpit hair is seen as provocative, and makes us think about how we define beauty.