Fashion Comms Summer Project

Task 1 – 500 words on an object


Marcel Wanders’ exhibition ‘Pinned Up’ taught me how to approach art differently; discarding the traditional objective of functionality, thus allowing true, unrestricted expression. I continue to gain inspiration from his philosophy and designs.

Throughout this collection, Wanders projects his belief that design’s primary objective is not functionality, but artistic expression. On a macro level, the collection as a whole includes the use of a formulaic, straight, uniformed pattern on a plain, matte black background. This acts as a blank canvas, upon which Wanders’ creativity can be displayed in stark contrast. The same principle of contrast is applied within each chair as the pattern and colour is used in order to quite literally blend them into the background. By doing so, Wanders shifts the viewer’s focus from the fact that the chairs are in fact chairs, towards the designs upon each chair.

This notion of prioritising expression over functionality is also seen in the shape of the chairs. By giving each chair the same form, there is a sense of structural continuity which is broken by Wanders’ use of free, unstructured lines in each design. Notably, we see askew mouths, which again contrast with the structured form of the chairs. Furthermore, Wanders explores the notions of chaos and order, drawing upon his fascination with metaphysics and pushing beyond convention and ‘the known’. There is a juxtaposition between the structured lines that portray order and the unstructured faces that portray disorder; Wanders creates the idea of two worlds; the classic and the expressive. Wanders adopts a contemporary, ‘comic-book-esque’ approach to a classic black chair. The industrial background creates a comparison to the child-like designs; which may suggest his youthful, spirited and playful demeanour. He gives each design personality and character.

The finished design on the chairs are all unique; they vary in colour, proportions and emotion. For example, the chair on the right hand side of the first picture has an almost aggressive appearance. The chair illustrates shades of orange and red which complement the fiery expression. The intricate lace-like design behind the left eye creates a contrast to the block features of the mouth and eyes. This illustrates the idea of variation not only between the designs but within a single design and could portray how mammals feel more than one emotion at once. Wanders builds on the idea that individuality and variation can be stylish and classic in these pieces.


Task 2 – Visual Library


Task 3 Sketchbook – Highlighting the contrast between the aesthetic of Amsterdam and the debauchery


Task 4 – 100 words describing myself and my ambitions for Fashion Communication

Through the wide, multidisciplinary scope of fashion communication, I aim to discover my strengths and develop a dynamic range of skills. I find the opportunity to progress my abilities in Fashion Photography particularly appealing as my previous experiences within the medium have allowed me to discover its unique ability to extract the extraordinary from the seemingly ordinary. I aim to adopt an active, hands-on approach during my study of Fashion Communication, as I strongly feel that this will provide me a truer, more tangible understanding of a subject which is often over-complicated by hyper-conceptualisation. My ultimate objectives are to share ideas with my peers and to then project my own on a professional level.