Art school (camera practice)

Using the Camera

In our second camera session we looked at developing our camera techniques further. We were set a brief in which we had to represent ‘Art school’ using visual rules to create these representations. We were given half an hour to come up with 10 photos focusing on this brief, practicing our skills such as aperture and shutter speed.


We focussed a-lot on the equipment and the art rooms, capturing a before and after effect with some photos being taken of the art work still being created and then some shots of the finished art works and the dried paint and dirty equipment to show the after effect of the art work.

We were also set another breif in which we had to capture pictures of an ‘art student’. For this we worked in the same groups, taking portrait pictures of each other representing an ‘art student’. This was a slightly harder breif as we had to represent the breif using equipment and oursleves instead of just taking different photos of art work and equipment like in the first breif. However we managed to get some good images of us representing art students whilst also practising portrait photography.


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