LM116 – Photographic Practice – Beth Hoskins

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In reference to the breif ‘Sense of Place’ i looked at the home and how for most of us this is one of the first senses of place we expierience. I intitally looked at corners of my own house and bedroom, eperimenting with different lighting and exposure.            ]       

Art school (camera practice)

In our second camera session we looked at developing our camera techniques further. We were set a brief in which we had to represent ‘Art school’ using visual rules to create these representations. We were given half an hour to come up with 10 photos focusing on this brief, practicing our skills such as aperture…

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Street Art



For the last 19 years my home has been Bristol. It’s where I was born, raised and where I have always lived. I live just on the out skirts of the city centre, about a 20 minute bus ride from where I live. Bristol is a very diverse city, there are loads of different attractions to…

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Just testing portfolio


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