Photography: A Middle-brow Art

This book discusses Pierre Bourdieu’s opinions and observations on the world. He writes about what motivates a person as a photographer;

  • communication with others: often we take pictures of the people we spend time with, I can associate this with my project because I too am photographing my friends in order to remember the places we go together and for memories, I take pictures of my friends a lot.
  • Expression of feelings: often photographs reflect the ways we feel, the pictures I take of my friends show the real emotions they are feeling, they aren’t staged or forced, which i find important, as I dislike staged photos.

He also writes ‘A beautiful photograph is a committed photograph, If you go to Cuba you take a picture of a crowd… That’s a statement’. I really like this quote, and find it quite inspiring. I think if your photo does not convey a feeling or emotion then its a little pointless.

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