Nan Goldin – Photographer research

Nan Goldin was born in America and currently lives in Paris, I chose to focus some of my research because of how interesting her work is. I love her carefree attitude and approaches to sexuality and personal expression for a time where being in drag and being gay wasn’t as accepted as it is today. I also love how she talks about other artists; in particular her interview about Julia Margaret Cameron. In the interview she discusses how hard it was to be a female photographer and what a hard time male photographers gave her, I find that really interesting and inspiring that she didn’t listen and overcame her critics, to now be a very well established and applauded photographer. I enjoy how honest she is in the interview and upfront about her dislike for Julia, and then opens up about how wrong she was, this is another thing i love about Nan, her outright honesty. As for Nan’s own work I love how she captures emotion perfectly, no matter where she is or who her subject is you can always feel so much emotion from her photographs and i hope to use that same kind of emotion in my photographs. I want my project to have a certain element of emotion and I hope I capture the feelings of my friends effectively.

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