Fragmentos/Fragments by Alberte A Pereia

I found Alberte through LensCulture; he is a self taught independent photographer from Spain and he specialises in street photography, he captures people living their everyday lives, which relates to my project. His work has been awarded at many different festivals and competitions and i find his independent approach to photography inspiring. The way Alberte matches colours and picks out his subjects is really interesting, he not only photographs people but also his surroundings in different cities. I particularly enjoy ‘Fragmentos/Fragments’ by him because of how beautifully the colours complement each other in the series of pictures, they seem to flow effortlessly and I draw personal inspiration from that, and plan to lay out my final pictures in a similar way. I also admire how he never includes people’s faces, while I wont personally use that element I think it is important to discuss his use of that, it not only adds mystery to the pictures but also leaves a lot to think about. Who are those people and do they have any significance to him? I really love his work and I hope my work makes people think like his pictures make me think.

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