In Plato’s cave by Susan Sontag

In Plato’s cave is a chapter taken from ‘On photography’ by Susan Sontag, in this chapter Sontag discusses what interests us as humans. I took to this reading particularly because of how she writes about how photography becomes a part of our daily lives, as we take pictures for a memory, a snapshot of what is happening around us. Sontag writes ‘photographs are taken and cherished’, to which i agree because my project is to caption the cherished moments i share with my friends, to contrast that Sontag writes about pictures not always portraying the truth; which i also agree with, i think people will always notice a camera around them and feel compelled to act a certain way. That much is human nature and something everyone does, which i have discovered in my own work with photographing people, studying how different people react to a camera is always interesting and has been a good way to get to know my flatmates through this project.

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