LM111 Reflection 2

I found the presentation assessment to be an incredibly interesting and informative way for this module to be assessed and learnt. Not only did i learn a lot more about my own given topic (Surveillance and Dataveillance) I learnt a lot more about the other weeks topic as I can gain another viewpoint from my classmates findings as well as my tutors findings.

My weeks topic, surveillance and dataveillance, was a particularly interesting subject i thought. It gave me a lot of insight into some of the other topics i have covered throughout my other modules. For example I managed to link it to the Standing Rock oil line issue recently as it was an example of how Dataveillance can be used against government bodies and policing systems. Standing rock was something that i covered within LM167 in the previous semester and making links like this, using my own research and ideas showed me what i can do when bringing together my knowledge from the whole year. I also felt that the presentation (in my case as our group was put together last minute) was a good test on how quickly we can put together an informative piece of work under strict time constraints and showed me its possible for myself to do it in future modules.

LM111 Reflection 1

One issue I had during the course of my first half semester in LM111 was that i missed a significant portion of the first few weeks due to problems in my personal life. This meant that I was a disadvantage for things like the presentation in class and for these reflections as i had not read all the readings etc. Now, however, with the help of my tutor who gave me an outline of what was needed and gave me all the necessary materials to catch up, i successfully completed the presentation and have caught up on a good portion of the readings. I am now working through Easter to complete the rest of the materials needing catching up on and am feeling positive that i will pass all my modules this semester.

This slip up has given me valuable experience and knowledge for the future and for future semesters/modules. i.e. how to organise myself better and how  to avoid situations like this where i find myself fairly behind with any of my work. Overall I do not regret my experience this semester even if it has been slightly stressful as it will mean that future modules will be a lot smoother and better planned.