IKEA Case Study


IKEA has become a global cult brand because of its strategy and tactics. Not only it is the world’s largest furniture manufacturer but also it is a culture that dictates a lifestyle. IKEA give their customer audience, which is mainly the middle-class an idea and inspiration of how ones home can be decorated with stylish yet affordable furniture.¬†https://www.ikea.com is IKEA official website that provides information about locations of the stores, products available, best-selling and new products, access to customer services and information about the company itself. However, even for such a successful business as this one there are certain areas which need improvement. The aim of IKEA case study is to show how a successful business can turn into a better one with the help of social means.

One of the main goals for IKEA was establishing a program that would involve all parts of the business, including different departments and applications via Internet. It was perceived that the business would profit by finding bits of knowledge continuously, as well as sharing them quickly with the groups that would have the capacity to act upon them. However, due to a huge size of IKEA the data was not reaching some departments and thus it was affecting their performance. As a solution, IKEA in collaboration with the Socializers have implemented the Listening Hub. It is a space that allows collecting, analysing and sharing the information about customers in the US and UK markets. By having access to information of such kind the digital team of IKEA are now able to determine what problems the enterprise has and what is the nature of them. Ultimately, everything that was done has resulted into a positive change to IKEA as a whole.

Here are the links to the Socializers and Brandwatch for further information:

thesocializers.com ; brandwatch.com


Critical analysis of Nauto website

For most areas of business digital marketing is becoming more than just an accessory for the firm but rather a neccessity for success. In 2018 digital marketing is more than just access to the Internet, it allows direct communications between the business and its customers, involves lower costs when reaching the consumer and allows targeting your potential perfect buyer. However, despite all the benefits of digital marketing it is still a hard process which needs to be planned, performed and monitored carefully in order to handle the competition.

Today I am going to talk about a website of a new firm Nauto that has high potential in the future according to experts. Here is the link to the website I am going to evaluate: https://www.nauto.com. Nauto makes an artificially intelligent, networked camera for vehicles. The main idea is to provide safety on the road for drivers by identifying the danger, providing feedback in the end of every trip and other features. I personally have never heard of that brand before and thus never visited their website. After spending some time on the website I came conclusions after making obesrvations. To begin with, I would say the role of the website is brand building because as soon as you visit a site you can find lots of information about the product itself and how to use it. Consumers may be easily segmented considering the specifics of the product, as it is suitable only for drivers. Thus, main target group can be defined as middle-aged men with middle or higher income, who owns or uses a car constantly. Demographics, behaviour and psychographics are the most important segments. After segmenting the customers it is easier to develope a buying persona that is needed for better understanding of your clientele, what has to be delivered and how it can be improved. One buying persona I have created for this product is:

– a financial director, who works for each company for no longer than 3 years.

– married and has two kids.

– male; age 20-50; higher income; urban.

– irascible; constantly uses his phone and receives a lot of calls per day.

– primary goal is building a strong family; secondary goal is to achieve success in his career.

– primary challenge is to balance between job and family; secondary challenge is to get everywhere on time

– Nauto can keep you safe on the roads, which will allow one to live “fast”, be on time and yet not worry about getting into a car accident.

– “I don’t want to spend more money on fixing my car every time me or someone accidentaly scratches it”.

– the reason why one will not buy Nauto is due to confusion with already existing vehicle cameras.

– stop collisions on the road.

Overall, the website is easy to use and all necessary information can be found fast. The outlook is simple, however the video in the main page on the top can be found distractive by some users. What I personally liked about Nauto website is immidiate option of contacting the company perosnally to learn more about the product and ability to request a free demo by completing a simple form. In addition to that, all partners are listed and all contacts are on the website. Another importand and useful aspect is a chance to find the best solution for you as a costumer before buying a product, thus it is called personal customization. The website also includes some statistics and graphs related to the product, which may be useful not only for the customer but for potential investors too. As for areas to improve, I would suggest adding information about the actual price for the product and maybe making the website more compact.


1) Nauto.com. (2018). Nauto | Safer and smarter fleets. [online] Available at: https://www.nauto.com [Accessed 8 Nov. 2018].

2) Jobber, D. and Ellis-Chadwick, F. (2016). Principles and practice of marketing. London (GB): McGraw-Hill Education.

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