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Original Prusa i3 MK2 Technical Poster

After 26 save versions and 10 hours of my time 3D modelling, I’ve finally finished my Prusa technical poster. This printer is almost like my baby, I first interacted with a 3D printer back in 2015 at my first 6th… Continue Reading →

Retroreflector build

I am currently working on a youtube video where I go through this in more detail. that video can be found here. So the other day i saw a video by adam savage where he tried to remake the famous… Continue Reading →

XE404 Week ten: Intro to arduino

In this week I decided to run my own Arduino session for those who didn’t understand or weren’t able to attend the Arduino lecture.

10ft x 20ft Workshop build

Soooooooo over the Christmas holidays (2019), me and my family moved house, Because of this, I have lost my garage workshop and all my tools are currently stored in a little plastic shed at the end of the garden. I… Continue Reading →

Raspberry pi arcade cabinet build

Soooooooo I’m going to be making something that I originally set out to do in 2016, That being an arcade cabinet run with a Raspberry Pi (running retropie). I never got around to finishing it back then and it was… Continue Reading →

Image on Micro:bit OLED using Python Libraries tutorial

In this tutorial, I will be showing you how to add any image onto a Micro:bit OLED screen Using Python Libraries. Wiring: To start we will want to wire up the OLED to the Micro:bit for later on, here are… Continue Reading →

XE404 Week five: Microbit Controller

Intro Fritzing: We started off this week by making a circuit on a programme called fritzing. In this software, I chose to make a simple 555 timer circuit as I remember making a few of these back in school (pretty… Continue Reading →

XE404 Week two: CAD (Computer Aided Design)

For this week, we had a very basic intro to Fusion 360, and as a avid lover of Fusion, this was a very easy week. So i thought i would use this week to show off some of the things… Continue Reading →

XE404 Week one: Introduction

Soooooooo it looks like ive made a blog, you may be wondering what sort of posts youll be finding here. i will be documenting both my uni work (inparticular the XE404 module thats all about digital fabrication and also some… Continue Reading →

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