October 3rd 2017 #Inktober Day 3 – Artisans

October 3rd 2017 #Inktober Day 3 – Artisans

I had issues yesterday getting my drawing digitised because of the thin biro lines, so I raided the stationary cupboard today for a better pen. Today’s image was drawn with a black Sharpie. Much nicer! I knew I was going to tweak it in Photoshop anyway, so didn’t worry about the fact the fingers had a line through them. In fact the biggest worry was what on earth to draw for ‘Artisans’? My team told me Artisans made bread so I jumped on that and came up with a baguette and an apron.

Original Artisans drawing from phone

I told Rob yesterday I was scared of drawing faces and hands and he encouraged me to use this as an opportunity to overcome those fears, so I’m warming up with some fingers and part of a face. I don’t know what is going on with the left hand/arm there.


Final Artisans image post-Photoshop

Anyway, quite pleased with the baguette and the freckles. Better find out what I’m drawing tomorrow

Pleased to see a lot of my colleagues are taking the #Inktober challenge too, so check out Claire, Cathy, Fiona and Marion!