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Creating an instagram logo

I wanted my logo to be very simple and minimalistic. I’ve always loved using clashing colours, so using pink and red seemed like second nature to me. The idea of ‘im fine’ came after being at a food stall where a lady asked if I was okay. To this, I answered “I’m fine, thank you” realising that I probably say that exact sentence about 7 times a day. Dealing with depression myself has meant that I’m able to explore this issue on a personal level, and almost find the what could be ‘humour’ in it.


Zine Features

Within my Zine, I plan to have numerous ‘activities’.

I’d like to play around with having an Agony Aunt at the end of the magazine, which also covers the serious topic of depression etc. The plan is to make my readers more aware within themselves and others.

I also plan to create a number of games too, just like in a trashy magazine where you have the word search etc, I want to have a bingo instead. However, this Bingo will be based on phrases and silly things that we do when we’re having a bit of a breakdown. The basic rules will apply to this game.

Vintage Playboy

Another suggestion that Chris made was to look at vintage magazines and newspaper articles, some sexist and some not. I thought the best one to look at was Playboy! It’s interesting because you would think that Playboy is very outdated in its ideology, however, the articles are very respectful towards the bunnies which has continued into the present day. This magazine isn’t for the male gaze, it’s actually for the female gaze.


It was also suggested that I look into printing over an old newspaper, specifically that looks at a sexist view on how a female should act. Of course, times have changed which means that women now have even more issues they have to deal with, not only do we have to put up with men treating us a second class citizens but also the drama of every day life.. juggling work, kids (or dogs), studies etc.. We’ve got a lot on our plate and my zine is going to reassure my readers that it’s okay to feel sad and overwhelmed sometimes!

Riot Grrrl

After having a tutorial with Chris, he suggested that I look at the Riot Grrrl era and the illustration style that surrounds it. It’s fun and quirky whilst also sends a clear message on feminism.



Polly Nor – Airing My Dirty Laundry In Public


Polly Nor – Airing My Dirty Laundry In Public

I loved this style of illustration, it’s something I’m hoping to adopt into my own zine. I’ve followed Polly Nor on instagram for years and her artwork is a classic portrayal of what it’s like being a young woman in this day and age. I think my readers will also appreciate having a bit of dark humour in this zine… If we don’t laugh maybe we’ll cry?


As well as CHEAP DATE I also looked into MUSHPIT as inspiration of graphic design and typography. I liked how it was bold and also really feminine – obviously this will match the theme of my zine since I’m looking at female mental health.





As part of my research I looked into CHEAP DATE magazine created by Bay Garnett. I love the graphics in this magazine and the vintage look it gives, with the pages being in black and white, almost like an old magazine.

I thought that it was an interesting idea and something I’d like to incorporate into my own zine.




Natural Dyes

Today I created a number of different coloured dyes using natural ingredients. I created a blue dye out of beetroot, a pale purple out of pomegranate and a mustard colour out of turmeric. I hadn’t expected my dyes to turn out the colours they did. When the material was in the beetroot a beautiful pink colour had turned up and in the pomegranate it came up red. But as soon as I gave them a rinse in the washing machine the colours faded into different ones! In hindsight, maybe I didn’t leave them in the dye long enough? Or maybe I just wasn’t meant to wash them at all? Anyway, I plan to do a still life shoot with the vibrant colours and play around with the pink aesthetic, just like in MUSHPIT magazine.

I would also like to dye the paper my Zine is going to be on. Instead of using generic synthetic dyes I would like to be more sustainable – hence the natural dyes. From this I’ve gathered inspiration from a number of companies which do this on clothes, such as AmaElla who creates beautiful lingerie using dye made from botanicals.

Visual Research – Kew Gardens

I visited Kew Gardens to get initial visual research to kickstart my project. I focused on interesting shapes, colours and textures which I am looking to be able to use as inspiration or even incorporate them into illustrations, fashion illustration and collage to be included in my magazine. I also wanted to experiment with having the pictures I took by turning them into illustrations or maybe a collage over photographs I take?