Category: YEAR 3

Tutorial with Chris

Me and Chris decided to have another tutorial before my deadline. This time we sat down and went through the origins of my ideas and how I could improve what I’ve already made. This included doing a reshoot of one of my shoots and doing further research into my favourite magazines inspirations.

Chris has also suggested I go back and retouch my alcohol posters as he thinks I can make them sound more ‘fun’. To this I have agreed and have already gone and had a play around.

I also discussed a situation with Chris where a graduate had accused me of plagiarising her work, obviously this wasn’t the case as me and Chris went over both of our social medias and her finished piece.. it is obvious we are going in very different directions. Naturally, this has caused a bit of a halt in my work as now I’m worried that any small creative decision I make can be thrown in my face.

Chris has assured me that the majority of students will have similarities in their work, especially around the same demographic I’m targeting my zine at. To ensure she doesn’t accuse me again, he suggested that I take my personal style even further and go a little more out of my comfort zone.

natural dye with avocados

These are the photographs of the progress I made using avocados as dye. After getting masses of advice from a Cambridge lingerie company, I was told that the beetroot, pomegranate and turmeric that I was using were fugitive dyes and the colour never lasts. So, I tried using Avocado instead and… voila! I’m so glad I have. I’ve been able to dye my favourite snood for winter and a practise piece of material. Now I know that this dye works, I’ll be trying it out on recycled paper to see if the pages create the desired effect.


im fine poster

I was at work today when I came across the idea to create posters for the back of pub doors. I think it’s so important to get across my zines message, especially when people have had a few drinks. I’ve started off with this one but will continue next semester to expand the variety of layouts. I also think this will be great for marketing purposes, as it links back to our instagram account where they’ll be able to buy the magazine.

Instagram account

Here is my Instagram profile so far, I have added posts of my own and reposted others from self care accounts. I’ve introduced myself as an editor and connected with friends and local creatives. I hope to expand my instagram connections by 50% by the time I go into semester 2. 

instagram post

Another instagram post that I made, this time playing around with colour scheme. I’m already getting bored of the same sort of content that’s appearing on my Instagram – I need to branch out and go more creative with the content and start doing more photoshoots


im fine bingo

Inspired by MUSHPIT magazine, I decided to create my own light hearted bingo sheet. I will be adding this/something similar into my actual zine as it gives off a humorous vibe which is what the zine stands for.


Tutorial with Chris

Me and Chris ended up having a tutorial after I took some time out of uni to sort some of my personal life out. When I came back he had given me a list of objectives and targets to hit before the end of this term. We discussed my inspirations for my zine which included Gay Barnett, Juergen Teller and Polly Nor. He told me to create a flat plan for my zine so I can focus on putting content together for my FMP.


Juergen Teller

I’ve always loved Juergen Teller’s photography as I think he captures unique and raw images. I love how he uses 35mm film which is something I’d like to incorporate when creating my own editorial shoots into my magazine.