Tutorial with Chris

Me and Chris decided to have another tutorial before my deadline. This time we sat down and went through the origins of my ideas and how I could improve what I’ve already made. This included doing a reshoot of one of my shoots and doing further research into my favourite magazines inspirations.

Chris has also suggested I go back and retouch my alcohol posters as he thinks I can make them sound more ‘fun’. To this I have agreed and have already gone and had a play around.

I also discussed a situation with Chris where a graduate had accused me of plagiarising her work, obviously this wasn’t the case as me and Chris went over both of our social medias and her finished piece.. it is obvious we are going in very different directions. Naturally, this has caused a bit of a halt in my work as now I’m worried that any small creative decision I make can be thrown in my face.

Chris has assured me that the majority of students will have similarities in their work, especially around the same demographic I’m targeting my zine at. To ensure she doesn’t accuse me again, he suggested that I take my personal style even further and go a little more out of my comfort zone.

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