Vintage Playboy

Another suggestion that Chris made was to look at vintage magazines and newspaper articles, some sexist and some not. I thought the best one to look at was Playboy! It’s interesting because you would think that Playboy is very outdated in its ideology, however, the articles are very respectful towards the bunnies which has continued into the present day. This magazine isn’t for the male gaze, it’s actually for the female gaze.


It was also suggested that I look into printing over an old newspaper, specifically that looks at a sexist view on how a female should act. Of course, times have changed which means that women now have even more issues they have to deal with, not only do we have to put up with men treating us a second class citizens but also the drama of every day life.. juggling work, kids (or dogs), studies etc.. We’ve got a lot on our plate and my zine is going to reassure my readers that it’s okay to feel sad and overwhelmed sometimes!

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