Post Card – Samples

I was doing some experiments with different pictures and layouts. I chose 2 pictures of my fashion photoshoots because my main career interest is in fashion. At the back of the image I provide all my details and logo. In this way, by having my details (same font and style) and logo in all my portfolio work, I will create my own identity and people can have my details to contact me for jobs.

Business Card – Final

I chose to have my logo at the front and all my details at the back. I thought it will be more professional to have my unique website and email so I bought a domain.

Business Card – Layout

I was experimenting with different layouts and backgrounds in order to visually identify the style that I wanted to do the business cards. Finally, I chose to keep it simple with a more minimal layout and font as I believe this looks more chic and professional.


Christiana Zacharia – Logo

As I often use my initials in English I started playing around with the letters C and Z in order to create my logo but then I thought that my initials in Greek (mother tongue language) will be more interesting and I could create a more creative logo. I wanted to create a simple, chic and professional logo so that I can approach the luxury fashion houses which am interested in working.

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