Experimention 6: Adding emotions 2

I also tried a different colouring process by adding various highlighters in the water in order to achieve a more organic addition of colour.


Experimention 5: Adding emotions 1

For my second experimentation, I tried to do the opposite by adding colours (painted the flowers) in order to try and explore the way in which certain colours may trigger memories and evoke emotions.


Experimentation 4: Fade-out memories

For my first experimentation, I used the fade-out technique where I faded out the image in order to illustrate how memories fade out with the passing of time.



Experimentation 3: Life circle/Time lapse

Another method I used was a sequential photo-shoot where I aimed to capture photos of a flower each day from early in its development until the time it decayed and started decomposing.

Experimentation 2: Visit to Queen’s Mary park

What lies behind my decision of choosing the Queen’s Park in London as the location for the experimental photoshoot (for the module Research in Fashion Communication AD394) is the fact that this very park made me realise the importance of flowers to me. The Queen’s Mary garden reminded me of my beloved grandfather’s garden. A grander full of roses, so beautiful and breathtaking. The pictures that were taken at the Queen’s Mary garden were made blur with a more vintage filter. This choice made the pictures have a romantic and fairytale effect.



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