Final work: Rationals and roles

Final work


During the experimentation phase of my project I developed several insights and ideas as to how I wanted to represent the theme of flowers and its relationship to human memories and emotions in my work. The central aim of the next phase of my project is to start applying these ideas and insights in the several (fashion) photoshoots I will be conducting. My photoshoots explore flowers in various ways because one of the underlying intentions of this project is to show the versatility of flowers as a thematic that can be brought into the creative industry. There are two rationales underpinning the structure of my photoshoots.

  1. First, I wanted to set up my photoshoots in such a way so that I would represent my theme (flowers/emotions/memories) in a progressively fashion-related manner. So, while I begin with something very conceptual, I want my work to move towards photoshoots that have a clear function as a fashion work (e.g. editorial, advertorial etc) – but at the same time maintain the integrity of my concept.
  2. Second, I want the insights from my experimentation to emerge clearly – but not necessarily equally – in my work. In other words, elements of my experiments– such as “life-circle” “time-lapse”, “memory and nostalgia”, “disintegration”, “floral colours invoking emotions” – are to be present in my photoshoots, but in different degrees and with different focus. I will explain further how this is done when recounting the specifics of each photoshoot.


In order to make sure that the ideas and insights I gained from my experimental work are to be implemented fully in my photoshoots, I have decided to perform three roles when organising and conducting my photoshoots and videos: as an art director, photographer and stylist.

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