4. Editorial photoshoot

In my editorial photo-shoot I decided to show the theme of flowers by my choice of photo-shoot location, which was a greenhouse. I was inspired to do this photo-shoot by my visit to Kew Gardens in London, which was part of the experimentation phase of my project. Because I intended this photo-shoot as an editorial, I chose to work with a professional model, a make-up artist, 2 womenswear fashion designers (IouliaRadou and Elena Koutsia) and 1 womenswear fashion boutique (Infolio Boutique). In choosing a greenhouse as my location, I took advantage of beingin a space specifically designed for growing flowers. I situated my model in specific areas of the greenhouse: some areas exhibited the vibrant colours of growing flowers while others emphasised the wilderness of disintegrating flowers. Thus, I sought to integrate the conceptual elements of floral colours and disintegration in an editorial photo-shoot.



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