5. Narrative video and photoshoot: Explanation

Narrative Video

This project sought to capture representations of flowers that were related to human memories and emotions and also find the way to represent my theme in a progressively fashion-related manner. More specifically, my experiment and final photo-shoots focused on framing flowers as objects that can show themes like life-cycle, time-lapse, disintegration, memory and nostalgia. More details explained below:

  • Couple (woman and man) dancers: As an art director for this video I have decided that it will include a woman and man. The rationale behind this decision is that I want this video to conceptually continue the narrative of the initial video (in the narrative photo-shoot). In this way I want to offer a thread that links the beginning to the end of my project conceptually, by re-enacting the spirit and of initial video in some respects.
  • Exchange of flower: I’ve decided that the video will conclude by the female dancer physically handing a flower to the male dancer. The narrative I began depicting in my first photo-shoot was a very personal one: it was about my grandfather’s love for flowers and how that love passed on to me specifically and my family more generally. In having a woman dancer passing on the flower to the man I recognise the origins of my story (and those of my project). Therefore, I wish for this video – which I see as the climax of my project – to symbolically reverse the original gesture of my grandfather passing on his love of flowers to me.
  • Conceptual coherence with the rest of the project: Finally, this video will be bringing together some of the key themes that were present in the previous photo-shoots as well as the experiments done in this project [and this is the reason why I see it as the “climax” of the project]. For instance, one of my thoughts is to have the dancers imitating the life cycle of flowers with their forms and figures: with this I will re-invoke the themes of time lapse, invoking memories and emotions etc. While my photo-shoots can be separated by their functional purposes – advertorial, editorial, beauty – they also come together strongly by telling a simple and powerful story that the first narrative photo-shoot began.

Narrative Photoshoot

An additional aspect of this video was a photo-shoot that I compiled, which shows the narrative explained above.For this photo-shoot I was inspired from the experiment with the fade-out technique where I faded out the image in order to illustrate how memories fade out with the passing of time.