3. Jewellery/Advertorial photoshoot

In my Jewellery/Advertorial photo-shoot I planned to follow binary style of moods as regards the emotional response I seek to generate from the viewers of the photos. However, rather than having a division of light/dark emotions and colours here I intended to explore a new emotional avenue. More specifically, my stylistic mood will be twofold. First, the model I collaborated with displayed a “refined” and chic appearance that highlighted the elegance and delicate aspect of flowers. Second, I shifted to a “wilder” approach in which the objective will be to illustrate a more vivid display of colours and emotions. Thus, I intend to show the capacity of flowers to affect us in both subtle and powerful ways. In terms of the techniques I will be using to bring about this effect, I will drawing from the insights I got from my experiments with adding colours to flowers.

Finally, in addition to the professional model, I also collaborated with a well-known jeweler designer. In so doing, The name of the accessories designer is Bianca Makris. Bianca Makris designs is often inspired by flowers and it has been published in well-known magazines such as Elle magazine and Vogue magazine.  http://www.biancamakris.com/ I made sure that the jewellery are a central element in the photoshoot. In turn, this focus on the jewellery is vital in emphasising the advertorial character of this photo-shoot.

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