Online website

For my online portfolio I have a unique website/domain: As through my portfolio work I created my own identity by having the same style, all of my detailsand logo in my portfolio work, I uploaded my logo to be shown at the back of the front page and I kept the layout minimal, professional and chic. As I am aiming in pursuing a career in the business and management sector of fashion I have my role as the Art Director of all of my fashion work at the top of the page with my name and I have a photography and styling category where I included all the photoshoots. The photoshoots are divided into different sections (i.e. editorial, advertorial, beauty)and information about the different collaborations was included in each photoshoot entry (where it applied).

Companies – Database + Visuals

I created a database of relevant future employers/companies and jobs relevant in the areas I am interested in; this mainly comprised luxury fashion brands, such as Chanel, MaxMara, Loui Vuitton, Burberry. I have also included information about the jobs and I have identified the skill areas which I need to develop or be improved in so that my application to potential job positions might be more appealing. Company details (i.e. name of the founder, style of the company, Official website, LinkedIn page, Instagram page) I will build on my current skills and I will develop the skills required in order to become Wholesale/Showroom as Creative Director of a fashion luxury brand. Also, a visual brand research has been done in order to help me understand more the style of the company and identify how I could appeal to them.


Physical Portfolio – Final

A box portfolio with A3 Images printed on heavy weight paper with all of my details and title of the image. Also, I included a clear statement of the different roles I had in each photoshoot (Art Director, Photographer, Stylist) and the different collaborations was included on the back.In my physical portfolio, I chose to have photoshoots from different sources, backgrounds and concepts (editorial, advertorial and beauty) so I will show the variety of work I am able to do. The photoshoots took place in-doors as well as outdoors with both male and female models.



CV – Development

The development of my CV is shown bellow. My CV includes the skills and the working experience achieved. I chose to have the same style (font, logo, details, layout) in all of my portfolio work – this also applies in my CV.

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