Social Media Calendar

I have decided to produce a social media calendar to help me promote my online presence through the use of Instagram, Snapchat, Mailing lists and blog posts. The campaigns website, Instagram account, Snapchat account and blog will all launch on the 17th June, this is also the launch date of my campaign. All content uploaded onto these platforms will all be linked back to the campaigns website. The Instagram feed and blog posts will feature on the website, acting as the main content on the website and keeping it up-to-date. At the end of each month I will e-mail, mailing list subscribers the monthly newsletter which will inform them on; the campaigns news, future projects, the voices of the community and any news relating to young activists fighting for a sustainable future. Content produced will be produced with the consideration to the campaigns audience. Through communicating with 14-17 year olds via surveys, school visits and workshops I will be able to understand more what this demographic want, thus, content will get stronger during the journey of this campaign.

Adhering to this schedule will mean that I can make full use of content made. Also this plan will make sure I am doing enough to raise awareness of this campaign. Through researching my competitors I have found that they upload to their instagram accounts once a day. I have decided to post to Instagram once a day between the hours of 5pm-8pm when 14-17 year olds are most active on their phones. The theme for content will appeal to 14-17 year olds, making the art of knitting look fun and relevant to them. Using the campaigns blog space, Instagram account and Snapchat account to inform others on the stories from others their age in the community. This humanises content and gives the youth honesty, thus, reflects a trustworthy voice that 14-17 year olds listen to.


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