Dexter Dalwood

In 2016 I went to the Saatchi Gallery in London and fell in love with the work of Dexter Dalwood. His style uses cut and paste collage techniques to produce work that shows interpretation of how history is constructed. As well as his work referencing history they also show contemporary reference to the world we currently live in; there is a contrast in contemporary environment to the memory of the past. I really like his work because the are visually seductive and hold a lot of content, referencing aspects from music, history and politics to personal experience and literature. His work is visually stimulating and communicates a strong message, allowing for an almost conversation to form between the artwork and the viewer.

These images were taken when I visited. I am very interested in the environmental devastation depicted in figures           . The rich red colours oozy a sense of chaos, breaking through the otherwise peaceful village. What struck me was the strong reference to environmental factors which is what my campaign aims to preserve and save. Dexter Dalwood’s work has elements of it that reminds me of the previous cubism work that I have been looking at. This abstract way of depicting reality is an aesthetic that I want to portray in my visuals for the campaign that I will be creating. Figures        show an apartment setting with a view. It has been painted using a style that resembles a child’s drawing, however, more refined. I have gained inspiration from this and now will practise in my experiments.


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