Marketing Overview

Campaign Concept

Offcut Knits is a campaign that strives to empower those aged between 14 and 17 years old through the use of knitting. We want to give young individuals an online home where they can feel nurtured and listened to on their journeys to a more sustainable future. Offcut Knits will be a free online community that offers its users the latest news, keeping them up-to-date with inspirational knitting techniques and ‘how-to-guides’ to produce you very own unconventional yarn, using materials around your home. Valuing your clothing is one way you can reduce landfill and help the environment. Learning to knit, using up any old, worn out and/or scrap material will prevent these textiles going to landfill, thus, giving them a new lease of life and reducing the following statistic – 300,000 tonnes of clothing goes to landfill annually in the UK.

Mission and Campaign Values

Community is at the heart of this campaign, as together we are stronger.

We aim to empower individuals aged 14-17 by nurturing their fight for their futures. We offer a home to those who feel like they are not listened to and feel overwhelmed by the issue of climate change. We believe that ‘valuing your clothing’ is one way that those who want to help but do not know how, can. By extending a garments life by three months per active user could result in a 5-10% reduction in all carbon, water and waste footprints.

We believe that the ability to value clothing begins at the home from an early age. Knitting is an answer to conquering clothing wastefulness. Using knitting skills, learnt from family members and friends gives an individual the tools to make, repair and re-vamp clothing; a skill that can be taken through to adulthood and teaches one to take pride in their work. Through the pride gained from the participation of knitting, comes the act of gaining a personal attachment. The personal attachment of a homemade/repaired garment is stronger than the connection to a mindless, mass-produced product. Fact.

Learning these skills at a young age becomes a gateway for experimentation and further development of other craft skills, encouraging engagement with the processes in their wardrobes is a skill for life. Knitting can bring 14-17 year olds together and provides a platform for communication, brings like-minded individuals together and does not leave anyone behind.

Unique Selling Point

Giving 14-17 year olds the home to feel empowered in their fight towards a more sustainable future through the use of knitting to learn the importance of valuing the clothing in their wardrobe

Marketing Strategies 

The marketing of this campaign will rely heavily on the use of social media platforms such as; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. It has come to my attention that this age group are more likely to use Snapchat and Instagram over another social media platform, thus, being the reason I will mainly be using these two platforms, alongside a website to market my campaign. I will also use posters, leaflets, business cards and stickers around big cities and schools; there purpose being to reach out to people passing on the street. Both marketing techniques are free advertisement, this is important as my campaign is an non-profit organisation. I will also be using my knowledge of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to keep my website at the top of Google by keeping content up-to-date, keeping on top of Google updates, maximising site visits and finding new software to keep advertisement costs to the bare minimum. I will also visit schools to talk about the campaign, thus, using the benefit of ‘word-of-mouth’ advertisement

Human Resources

. I am the creative director and founder of Offcut Knits

. I will hire an external company to print out the campaigns business cards, stickers, leaflets and posters

Marketing Overview

I have come to understand that 14-17 year olds are battling to be heard in their fight towards a more sustainable future. Individuals like Greta Thunberg have shot into the limelight and are confronting adults on the basis that they are not doing enough to save the planet. As seen through the body of research I have collected, the 14-17 year old market believe in honesty. Gaining their respect is fundamental as without it they become sceptical and will not be interested in what you have to say. By 2030 this demographic will be the worlds policy makers, therefore, stresses the importance of incorporating mend and made do values into their everyday lives so they can take these skills into adulthood.

The idea of knitting using materials found around the house has come from the fact that this demographic have little or no money to spend on yarn, thus, being the thought process behind this concept.

Target Market 

14-17 year olds, male or female, who have an interest in saving the environment, and, who have a small disposable income are the market that Offcut Knits aim to target. This market are those who feel like they are left behind in the fight to save their futures on this planet. It has come to my attention that this age group do not have the support that they need to feel like they have a voice, thus, being the inspiration behind this campaign that specialises in empowering individuals through the collective benefits of knitting. 

Offcut Knits 7’P’s Marketing Mix

Product – Offcut Knits is an online based community that will offer 14-17 year olds with the tools they need to learn the importance of valuing their clothing.

Price – Free

Place – The campaign is online based and will be managed by me from my home in Brighton. This campaign aims to reach 14-17 year olds all around the UK, and, then, when the campaign gains a larger audience will reach 14-17 year olds all over the world.

Promotion – I have created a social media calendar which will act as a blue print to the promotional content that I will be uploading onto the campaigns social media sites and website. Sticking to this schedule will insure that I make the best use of my content and adhere to my audiences wants and needs. I will also use leaflets, stickers and posters which will be distributed around busy cities and schools. Also I will be visiting schools and talking about the campaign and it’s relevance to them. The use of billboards and poster spaces on London tube lines will also be used, acting as a subconscious imprint to those who walk by. Knitting workshops will also be organised where I will also be promoting the campaign.

Process – I will be creating all online content which will be distributed on to the campaigns online platforms for users to engage with. Sourcing wool for events I will be hosting will be found by asking big companies such as; Hobbycraft and Love Knitting for any left over stock that they do not need anymore and from kind donations.

Physical Evidence – There will be a strong, visual cohesion between my online presence (Website and Social Media) and physical marketing visuals (Posters, Leaflets, Postcards, Stickers). Content will be clear, honest and concise which will have a fun element that allows individuals to engage without the risk of getting bored.

People – Offcut Knits will be managed and run by me. I will look after content research, marketing, expansion plans and potential collaborations. My father will help me with marketing and website developments. Once the campaign grows in audience I will hire interns to help me with the work load.

Strategy for Growth

Once the campaign gains a larger audience I will expand, reaching out to those all around the world. I also will aim to design a mobile phone app for users to engage with after year two, providing the campaign gets a wide enough audience.



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