I have decide to look at Hobbycraft as it is a successful commercial craft company. The aesthetic of their stores appeal to a wide family audience with the use of friendly, warm and vibrant design. Their aim is to inspire families to try new craft techniques. The company offer a rich collection of online craft tutorials, an up-to-date blog and in store craft lessons which aim to inspire their customers to get hands-on with different types of craft. In store their team are there with the knowledge to help their clients, with any variation of craft that they are interested in, to advise and teach where appropriate. From bunting and cupcakes to jewellery and scrapbooking Hobbycraft cover all areas of craft in order to appeal to the various needs of their customers. Hobbycraft stores have a theatre and almost warehouse appearance to allow the shopper to have a fun and interactive shopping experience, therefore, making the trip personal and memorable. It is apparent that the layout of their stores are clear and honest meaning that the customer is not sold to on misconceptions. Appealing to the family market means that the company have created a homemade atmosphere. We all know that home life and homemade is never perfect, however, it is a safe space and gives us a sense of community, free from judgement. Hobbycraft have understood that many crafters like to craft together, hence, giving their customers the opportunity to join in with in store no matter their capabilities. This provides a personal connection between the company and the customer that insures that the customer is more likely to keep returning to the store and become a loyal customer.

Hobbycraft have also followed their friendly aesthetic onto their online presence, see figures           . Scrolling through their online presence it becomes evident that there is clear cohesion between each. The company also uses social media to advertise in store and online competitions for individuals to get involved with. Hobbycraft have a clear message that they are portraying and successfully conceptualise this into their brand atheistic. This highlights the importance of my visuals linking to my campaigns message in order to be strong and memorable and to make full use of social media as a promotion tool. Creating an interactive and friendly aesthetic is something I will need to keep in mind.

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